Netherlands Junior Team to take part in the 2018 World Junior B Curling Championships in Lojha, Finland, January 2 to 11

On behalf of the NCB Talent & Topsport Program, I am proud to introduce the team participating for the Netherlands at for the 2018 World Junior B Curling Championships in Lojha, Finland, January 2 to 11.

Team Coach:      Joey Bruinsma  (NCB Talent Program Coach / CCPWA)

Players:              Olaf Bolkenbaas (CC Tilburg)

                           Tobias van den Hurk (CC PWA)

                           Jop Kuijpers (CC Tilburg)

                           Bart Klomp (CC Tilburg)

                           Simon Spits (CC PWA)

Bondscoach:      Shari Leibbrandt-Demmon

The team has been training in the NCB Talent Program under guidance of new team coach Joey and Bondscoach Shari. They participated at the MNL, where they placed 2nd in their division. The team also travelled to Glasgow for the EJCT Braehead and to Hamburg Junior Invitational.  Both events had good results and provided great opportunity for the team & coach to work together.  This team also participated last year and will be looking to improve on their previous results. 

New team coach, Joey Bruinsma, will be experiencing his first championship event in the role as coach, but brings a lot of playing experience, organization and great leadership to the team.  Joey competed in Finland at the Junior B Championships in 2014 together with Wouter & Laurens (members of Men’s team) and won a Silver Medal. Joey also competed with Team van Dorp, winning medals in the European Championships in 2012 (B Division– Bronze) and 2014 (B Division– Silver). 

Together, Coach Joey & the team will be using all the skills they have been developing, optimal teamwork and motivation to succeed their individual and team goals for this event. 

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Bondscoach Shari Leibbrandt